Dhobhi Ghat or the Washer's abode, is one of the largest human powered Laundries. From being a profession and source of earning a livlihood, Dhobhi Ghat is more of a cultural community as opposed to anything else. Ensuring that their children go to good schools and have the option to pursue their own dreams, these families voluntarily choose to continue living here and practising this profession. Several of them have kids who are well educated, with well paid jobs and concrete homes outside of this area, but for those who have stayed here all their life, leaving is the last thing on their mind. The community as a whole is not just any slum area, as made out to be by several people and tour guides. Getting to know these families helped me realize how happy they were with all that they had. Tons of clothes come here from hotels and hospitals and homes and wok commences by 5 am. The women on the other hand have day jobs just like everyone else and after having helped their husbands in the morning, they set out to work and an earn an additional income to contribute to the overall family income. Once you're here and make an actual effort to engage with the people, they'll go on to tell you about their profession and how it keeps them going. With modernization, the number of clothes washed by hand has reduced to the bare minimum. Most just purchase large washing machines and steam driers in order to quicken the process. Each time I visit this place, it's an entirely different experience. The one thing that stays constant is the warmth and hospitality that you're greeted with. From being offered a cup of chai to several older men taking you around and showing you all the different procedures used to deliver the final batch. Dhobhi Ghat today is more of a family and a community as opposed to being a "slum" as perceived by most.