The Tech Tide. For me the name says it all. Its multiple images of all sorts of people in a variety of different environments and yet one similarity among them all. We live in a world so consumed by technology that we've forgotten what it's like to truly live. The reason I picked a topic like this is because not only has this affected my world but whether we realise it or not, its impacted the global community as a whole. Relationships thrive on technology. Instead of making a physical effort to go see one's friends, families or lovers we simply have this remote connection with them and assume that it's enough. We live in a false reality, one where each one is doing everything they can to appear "perfect" on social media, instead of just being themselves. Companies and bloggers thrive on portraying fantasy like lifestyles, aspirational content at the cost of truth and realism. All of this is catching up to us. From social anxiety to depression, technology, especially social media, is one of the most common causes of mental health illness among the youth.