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Where Are You Now?

Updated: Aug 23, 2018

Sitting with your partner holding their hand ? Driving through the city all by yourself for a change ? Sipping your favourite coffee at the local coffee shop ? Nah. You're probably thinking of how terrible college was the other day or a fight you got into last week with your best friend. You're probably tensed about how you'll get done with that assignment or filing those papers or worse about something that's twenty years into the future that you have absolutely no control over cause you don't even know how tomorrow will pan out. So where are you now ? Right now.

We've forgotten to just embrace the moment that we're in. We're so used to being on our phones consumed in another world and then complain we're alone even when we're surrounded by so many loved ones. Being in the moment, embracing it, has become one of those clichéd Tumblr quotes that we no longer put into practice. How did we get here? I've seen some of the most beautiful relationships come to an end on the mere basis that they aren't too sure if it'll work out. What happened to taking a chance and moreso what happened to going with the flow ? We're so engrossed in resenting yesterday or stressing over tomorrow that the present just seems to have vanished.

None of this means that we have to abandon all thoughts and feelings that arise in our mind. What is to be done away with is, mindless thinking where a circle of thoughts - from one to another, eventually consumes us without serving any end purpose. Every once in a while, it may be necessary to consciously make plans or think something through, but the point is, it must be an effort that you're aware about and not just unknowingly carried away into.

Being in the present has its own perks and once you practice it you'll see it's a cure to most issues like stress, artistic blocks, anxiety and what not. Most people will tell you it can be achieved through meditation which is true, but it's not the only solution. Simply making a conscious effort, questioning yourself each time you feel like you're straying away will help too. You spoke rudely with a friend? Okay. Why beat yourself of up over and indulge in self pity ? Ask yourself how that's going to make anything better. Instead, in that moment, apologize and work on making things better from then on. The present is the only time YOU have control over. You cannot go back in time and alter the past and nor can you predict how the future plays out. What you can work on is making this moment, that you're in, a better one. I learnt this the hard way. I'd suffer from panic attacks when I was in a traffic jam and I'd stress over every single argument I had with a loved one only to realize it was harming no one, but me.

Again, don't misinterpret me. Living in the moment doesn't mean making life threatening, impulsive decisions, all it does mean is embracing where you are, who you're with. Being aware of your surroundings and completely involved in it. So enjoy that party while you're at it without stressing over the paper you have due next week.

The art is to live in the now because everything else is uncertain. Crying over yesterday or waiting for a better tomorrow will only take away a good today. 

Until next time,

Priyanshi :)

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