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What went wrong,

And when did it go wrong,

But more importantly why did it go wrong .

From being dawned with perfection

To being swallowed with distance

No not a distance that can be measured by the metric system

But a heart wrenching distance

That promises there's no going back .

This isn't some cliched heart break sob story

But so much more than that.

It's pain that engulfs even the smallest part of the body

A pain that leaves you alone and deserted.

It's not the cliched heart break sob story

But the simple story of a lonely girl lost is this massive world.

Not cause someone hurt her, but more so because she hurt herself.

The scars on the outside were only a trailer of went on, on the inside.

The pain was only an inevitable one that wouldn't escape.

What went wrong was falling prey to life

When? When things got difficult.

Why did it go wrong?

It went wrong cause we were taught to be strong and taught that succumbing to difficulties made us weak.

Succumbing only makes us human, fighting it then after, promises not only a new found strength, but also a greater outlook,

One that respects hardships and it's survivors.

One that respects the good times, but more so the bad because that's the true test of our strength.

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