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Updated: Aug 23, 2018

A snowflake is one of the most beautiful things in the world, but just like everything else this too eventually melts away, its beauty having no bearing on its existence.

I recently moved from Bombay to Pune to study and every time I speak to a friend back home, the first question they ask is how I'm settling in. My instant reaction is to chuckle and then explain the reason for it. The reason being, I never went through a "settling in" period. It didn't ever feel like I was moving cities or staying away from family and friends. From the  minute i stepped in, Pune felt like home. People usually respond saying, its because I've always wanted it, but I feel like it's more so because I accepted it like any other change in life.

Our minds doors are so shut down to the idea of change, even the most adjusting people struggle to deal with certain changes, like food habits, moving cities, a new job, losing loved ones, people changing, you changing - just change in general whether good or bad.

Now, change is inevitable - people tend to call it harsh reality, but why not look at it as a more positive thing. Every change is a new experience, just one more opportunity to grow, to learn, to excel, to test your limits. we ought to let it take it's due course without letting it bring us down.

Some of my favourite people in the world are struggling dealing with a new job, a new school and they also happen to be the strongest people i know and it's so surprising to see how disheartened and bogged down they are by all these changes. The only way to get around it is by making the most of it.

Several times people around you wont let you change, but more than that your own mindset won't let you make that much needed difference and thats where this process of internalisation comes in. To deal with change, you'll probably have to make several changes within and its never an easy process because nothing good ever comes easy right? But believe me, it'll always be so much better than complaining or drowning in sadness and self pity.

So put on a smile, change where you can and accept where you can't. The snowflake will melt, but the effect of it's beauty, won't.

Until next time,

Priyanshi :)

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