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  • Priyanshi Thakkar


How will it pan out,

How will you manage,

Will it be fun,

Will it be happiness in a package?

We're so busy worrying what will be,

We forget to cherish what is.

And we're so busy obsessing over what was,

We forget to be grateful for what is.

We're living in a time of then and when,

Forgetting about the now.

We're so busy planning what's next,

We forget to embrace and how.

Sit still, take a minute,

Breathe in, feel the stillness.

It's not an easy task,

But sit still, tackle the restlessness.

In this fast paced life,

You ought to take a minute.

When everything is running,

Pause time and breathe in it.

You'll know what it's like

To be in the now.

You'll feel every moment,

Time will show it's wow.

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