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Everyday they'd ask to meet,

Everyday I'd tell them no.

Telling lies whiter than the sheets

Anything to hide my low.

I thought it was mood swings

I thought it would pass.

Turned out to be a permanent thing

Turned out as bad as a bypass.

One minute I was overeating,

Another, I was constantly shrinking .

This wasn't just another mood swing,

I realized, it was depression in the making.

And even though it may be a mental illness,

It doesn't necessarily have to be retardness

And even though society looks down upon it,

We owe it to ourselves to embrace it.

This depression doesn't have to meant you're sad,

It doesn't have to mean something happened bad.

It's so much more than one small thing,

It's multiple causes each consuming your being.

Society today, needs to be sensitised.

It needs to be made aware of depression as an illness.

Society today, needs to learn not to sympathise,

But rather, understand and accept this illness.

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