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Updated: Aug 23, 2018

Yes, it exists.

You've heard of it. I've seen it. In the last week I bumped into it thrice. And it stayed there, right there, for hours it sat by me and I learned. 

I wish I could make you meet it, but then it won't be magic. Every once in a while, everyday if you try, you'll come across a human being that'll change you. Might be an avatar of the Lord or the devils child, either way it'll still be magic. They'll see these few words or a million for that matter and you'll move. Something inside you will awaken and you'll feel this feeling that's greater than any meditation, any workout or any high. 

For instance, I met this old man at a bus stand in Pune. He struck conversation and we went on for half an hour. Him, about his family and today's generation (that he detests) and me about my dreams and goals and ambitions.  We spoke and at the end he said just one thing , remember - insaan toh Hai, lekin insaaniyat nahI. I know it verbatim and that alone speaks volumes considering my memory. 

Next comes this boy, from my batch, maybe a year or two older who tells me all the shit he's seen in life and then smiles. He says just go in front of a tree and smile when you're frustrated cause that's all that matters. He stands where he stands today solely cause of the effort on his part and I sat there awestruck wanting to tell him how much I admire him. With his family in a village in Rajasthan , he came into this world full of people trying to drown one another and has reached where he is today. 

Third is this boy named ashutosh or Ashu or Ash or hash who for me truly defined magic. 

To be continued .. 

Until next time,


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