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Every once in a while life dumps you into a hell hole and in that moment all you know is that state of misery. A beautiful past and a bright future doesn't matter one bit. The hell holes though, are always the most important events in your life. Those life changing events that people talk about.

It may seem like hell then, but each of us has the strength to climb out of it. This strength is only further strengthened through experiences like this. It's like vaccinations, they inject bacteria of that disease so that our body is capable of fighting the actual disease. We're clinging on to a ray of hope that things will get better and that's what eventually makes it better.

Life is never going to be the smooth ride that fairytales have us believe, but prince charming will find the girl with the glass slipper and you will get through these multiple hell holes.

It's always going to be a bumpy ride and the lows teach us to be grounded, to appreciate the good times and give us the maturity to understand that the bad is only a passing phase.

I don't mean to sound preachy even though I do, but this is what my hell hole taught me. I've been sick for a while now and while every inch of me is giving up every centimeter is clinging on. It's a battle with myself, one that only I decide which side prevails. And it's not been remotely easy even though I have everyone around me supporting me. I don't need everyone, I just need me and that's how it works. All you need is you on your side.

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